Precast Concrete Siphon Septic Tanks – Absolute Concrete

Precast Concrete Siphon Septic Tanks

No Power Required

Low maintenance

Simple Operation


Absolute Concrete have been producing septic tanks for over 30 years.  Available in plastered form or in recent times, more commonly in pre-cast format. They are simple, reliable and cost effective solutions for your septic waste. Our precast units hold roughly 6,000 litres and weight close to 5 Tons and can be Hi-ab’d straight into a prepared hole.

Septic tanks are manufactured to NZS3107:1997 and are designed to be buried with a maximum of 600mm fill cover.

6,000 litre Single Chamber Tank

Certain septic tanks designs include siphons or other methods of increasing or decreasing the volume and  velocity of outflow to the drainage field.  This helps to load all portions of the drainage pipe more evenly and extends the drainage field life by preventing premature clogging. Absolute Concrete manufacture Siphon Septics incorporating the “Super” siphon or the equally popular “Flowking” siphon.  Each tank should also include a filter to prevent solids entering the siphon chamber.

These tanks are also ideal for storm-water attenuation, especially on sites where room is restricted.


We also manufacture a range of mini stand alone pump chambers that can be used to convert existing single chamber septic tanks into dosing or pump out systems.

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