Precast Concrete Dairy Effluent Floodwash Tanks – Absolute Concrete

Precast Concrete Dairy Effluent Floodwash Tanks

Absolute Concrete manufactures a precast one-piece Dairy Effluent Floodwash Tank. These units offer large savings in the labour required to clean yards, feedpads and flush alleys (cow movement lanes in freestall sheds). Adopting suitable design criteria is essential to ensuring a thorough cleaning action and avoiding unnecessary water use. We can help in your design or manufacture and supply to your requirements.

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Product Description

Floodwash Tanks produced by Absolute Concrete have been designed to maximise flow performance using or strongest 5000 gallon pre cast concrete tank. The tank pictured has an epoxy coated cast iron 300mm peak flow valve with 316 stainless steel shaft set into the tank providing a massive flow of water to clean your yard / feed pad. Alternative sizes are available on request.


Flood washing systems use surges of water to clean the yard. Washing times can be reduced to less than one minute. Use either fresh water, water from the plate cooler or storm-water or pump your effluent pond back up to your floodwash tank.


Floodwash tanks are capable of fitting a wide range of pipe sizes. They are fitted with strategically placed lifting anchors cast into the concrete, to allow for safe off-loading, and efficient and economical installation. We have secured the services of a specialised engineer to work out flow rates and valve performance.

Manufacturing standards

Flush tanks by Absolute Concrete are produced in accordance with NZS.3106:1997 They are manufactured in 40MPa concrete for high durability and each unit is water tested prior to delivery.