Precast Concrete Stock Troughs – Absolute Concrete

Precast Concrete Stock Troughs

Troughs manufactured by Absolute Concrete have been produced in Northland for Northlanders for the past 40 years.  They are sought after for their great finish and huge range of sizes.  Each trough is inscribed with the capacity and fitted with a brass socket and has tapered edges to prevent stock injury.  They are steam cured and are ready to go as soon as they are stacked in the yard providing strength and durability with a proven history

Download our trough dimensions here:

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Further information

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  • Covered Ball Valves for protection.
  • Internal pipe fittings with brass elbows either fitted under water or above water to stop back-siphoning, (Backflow), and to permit easy maintenance.  All edges are tapered to prevent injury to stock.

Need some troughs phone or email for a quote.  Don’t think one or two is enough?  Worried about the freight?  Phone your neighbours and combine your orders.  You could even borrow our fully tested lifting chains and place them round your property.  We also stock a full range of alkathene and trough ballcocks and fittings.  Why not combine your orders and buy from a one stop shop.

We have our own hiab trucks and have delivered anywhere from Rotorua  to the Cape.